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Image Production
Color Correction
Photo compositing

Custom Illustration
Research and Writing

Digital Design
User Interface
Web Banners/Animated Gifs

Social Media Strategy

Brand Implementation
Research & Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Content Development


Print Media

Editorial Layout/Design
Promotional Materials
Stationery/Business Cards


The Tech Briefs Media Group

"Bernadette worked for me for almost 9 years. She is a reliable hardworking designer who never wavered under the pressure of tight monthly deadlines. She’s a talented designer, creative thinker, and an artist. She was always able to "pull great designs out of a hat" with little time and very few resources. She’s a team player who’s always there to pitch in, as well as a strong independent thinker capable of managing projects on her own. Bernadette’s creativity, as well as technical skills, were a valuable asset to TBMG."

~ Lois Erlacher

Bronx Museum of the Arts

"I produced an event at the Bronx Museum of the Arts for which Bernadette worked with us on the graphic design. She was patient, knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with and enormously talented. Her communications skills are excellent and the project was delivered on time."

~ Laura Blanco

The Washington County Museum

"From the very beginning of the process, Bernadette listens attentively and respectfully to the concept and isn’t afraid to suggest ways to improve the design while never straying too far from the original goal.  Her technical skill is top-notch, and she is capable of a variety of aesthetics which she can tailor to a specific audience.  All of this is done with meticulous attention to deadlines and continuously attentive to the larger project timelines."

~ Aaron Racicot

Bamboo Craftsman Company
"Bernadette is a talented artist with a great temperament. She does great work, she works fast and is always professional. She's always available to work on short notice and her price is hard to beat. We're very pleased with the work she's done for us. She never disappoints."


~ Anita Paez

Hoagy & Bix

"Bernadette is a very talented designer who, unlike some I have worked with, has the confidence to interject ideas that she feels lends itself to improving the original concept - while very willing to retrace her steps if needed. She communicates very well and is one who enjoys collaboration. I have used her talents twice, and the results have been well past my ability to translate an idea into a design concept that tells the story."


~ Hoagy Carmichael

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