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The Facts  As a Graphic designer, project manager, and artist, I am always ready to take on new projects, explore ideas, and I live for collaboration. My experience includes print, editorial layout, promotional content, user interface, illustration, and photography.

My journey lead me to the publishing industry and I have worked for various magazines and newspaper companies for most of my career. Publications include NASA Tech Briefs, The Pasadena Weekly, and the Portland Tribune. Freelance work has also played an integral role in my experience alongside the 9-5 grind, and allowed me to work on projects outside my comfort zone and explore media such as DVD menu design, vector illustration, catalog design for the art industry, and more.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I felt the need for seasons and a city that would rouse my senses. Met with the opportunity of a 6-month sublet in New York in 2006, I traded my car for the subway and embraced the concrete jungle. For nine years I lived and worked in New York, joined the art community, acquired experience working for advertisement and publishing firms, curated and participated in art shows, and co-facilitated workshops for the youth and elderly community. 

In 2015 the urge to be closer to family brought me back to the west coast and to Portland, Oregon, where I am reestablishing my connection with nature and making new roots. 


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Ideation | Individualization | Maximizer | Connectedness | Strategic

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Tel: (818) 687-0767

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