Sony Ericsson Music with Style
Sony Ericsson Modern Classics Promotionl Card

Promotional Media

iris NY
One-Sheets • Ad work

Six-week freelance job extended from general production work for Adidas 'Impossible Is Nothing' campaign to illustration and layout for Sony Ericsson and Stella McCarthy poster advertisement.


Production, layout, vector illustration

Salvage Works
Promotional Material


Salvage Works is the leading store in the Pacific Northwest for reclaimed wood, and I have had the pleasure to help maintain existing promotional material as well as create various ads, one-sheets, selling tags, greeting cards and more.

Design, layout

Salvage Works Postcard Reclaimed Wood
Salvage Works Promo Card
Salvage Works Promo Card

Winston Wachter Gallery
Art Catalog • Postcards

Promotional art catalog, design, and layout for the gallery's private collectors. The cover is embossed creating an interest to touch the catalog and explore each of the artist represented by Winston Wachter Gallery. On the cover, behind the word Art, is the definition ghosted and lining the books cover on all edges. The inside pages display classic type treatments with an emphasis on the artist.

Design, layout, typography

Fine Art Postcard