Harvey Milk Logo T-shirt Vector Illustration

Vector Illustrations

Harvey Milk Foundation
T-Shirt Art

Created vector illustration for a t-shirt design of Harvey Milk's tie blowing in the wind based on the iconic photograph. Responsible for the illustration and type treatment on the front and back of the t-shirt.


Vector illustration, type

Awaken Art Therapy

Worked with the client to develop a logo that embodies the subtle energetic and nurturing quality of Awaken Art therapy. Through a series of ideas, my client settled on the prism, an element figuratively defining clarification or distortion. For the color version, I felt that the use of the chakra color scheme important in connection to the body and mind. 


Illustration, type

Hartman Steel Logo Vector Illustration

Hartman Steel
Logo, User Interface

Created vector illustration logo for Hartman Steel that was originally made to print on a rug and later incorporated on business cards as well. The horse was derived from a worn-down emblem used on the company cars. In addition to the logo, I created the user interface template for a single page website that has yet to be put into use. 


Illustration, type, and layout

Washington County Museum

Volunteered at The Washington County Museum 2016-2017, an effort to create various designs for different cities in the area that would appeal to children. I worked closely with the museum's marketing director to come up with ideas that would visually represent each city in a unique way. 

Illustration and type

Floal Flower Iris Vector Illustration

White Lily
Logo artwork

From bud to blossom, each step a subtle progression of the flower's growth. The blossomed flower is the focus of the piece and the buds creating tiers for text to anchor.


Elizabeth Warren

Moved by certain events of 2016, I found myself clicking away inspired by Elizabeth Warren. It felt intuitive to reach for a pair of boxing gloves and get ready to stand my ground. 



Vector illustration

Little Prince


The Little Prince will always be a book of inspiration and plays as a great reminder for generations. Taking elements from the story, I created two graphics that toy with the books meaning while retaining the original feel. 



Vector illustration, typography