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 Photoshop (various clients) 
Photoshop compositing • Image editing •
Photo retouching • Color correction


From DVD menu design, packaging, clipping paths and all else that you may think of when Photoshop comes to mind, I have been responsible for all aspects depending on what a job may call for. Please scroll to view my work done for a handful of clients over the years. It will give you a good idea of my ability to use Photoshop.


Design, project management

 Margeaux Walter, Fine Artist 

88  clipping paths that included hair, caps, and each individual body shown in the piece.

 Chroma Titles 

While working with Chroma Titles I was able to learn new media design such as DVD menu design and packaging. Projects ranged from musical concerts, independent movies, and belly dancing instructional DVDs.

 Richard Castanjero  

Packaging and DVD menu for the movie Sex Drunk. The movie explores the cultural use of alcohol and abuse. It has been used in the curriculum at various Los Angeles colleges.

Easy Scene Selections.jpg

 Lucid Films  

Packaging and DVD menu was created for Easy, a short film about the mishaps of five friends out on the town in Los Angeles. The material I created was used to submit the film to various festivals.

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